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Accurate field testing is a very difficult task to achieve, I tried my best to capture as accurate data as I could.
Anyone who has done any antenna comparisons can attest to the amount of signal variation that can occur from day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute.
How I conducted my tests
I tested each antenna several times over many days and each time the test antenna was compared to a base line antenna and the data readjusted accordingly. Then I averaged the multiple tests to come up with the results shown below.
Field test data CM4221 and DIY's

The UHF channels that were receivable on a daily basis at this site were 17,18,19,24,25,29,31,32,41,42,44,45,47,&49 They were coming from different directions, see the TVFool plot for that location below for more details.
The DTT900 DTV converter box was able to lock all the signals shown here but the G-H and 4221 had frequent drop outs on CH's 31 & 49 and the DIY 4 bay had some drop outs on CH 31 but not as much as the others. The monster vertical stacked 8 bay maintained a lock on all channels and on good days would pull in even more. Readings were taken with a B&K spectrum analyzer and the scale is in db's above the analyzers noise floor.

VHF-Hi Feild test CM4221 CH 11 Yagi DIY's
The VHF-HI channels receivable at the field test location are 7,8,11 &13 CH's 11 and 13 are slightly over the hill from this location see TVFool plot below for details. Only the 8 bay vertical stack and the CH11 Yagi could receive CH11 and only the Yagi could receive CH13, the 8 bay could get an occasional lock on 13. The 4 bay would show signal on the upper channels but could never acheive a lock on the digital converter box..
Test site TVFool
At the time of testing WIVT wasn't broadcasting on ch 34