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DIY 4 Bay Kit
Only $19.00
plus shipping

Due to the modular design shipping handling will typically be less than $11.00
The DIY 4 Bay Kit is offered for those who want to build their own high performance TV antenna but maybe don't have the time, tools or materials needed to do the complete job.

All Kits were developed with a combination of computer modeling, spectrum analyzer and field testing.

 Many commercial antennas are still built for the old TV spectrum and this is not optimum because they are still tuned to work on the extra channels that are no longer used for TV in the USA. This Kit
is based off of a commercial design but has been resized to take advantage of today's smaller TV spectrum and it has been tweaked with added features.
No compromises have been made in the sake of manufacturing as is often the case with commercial antennas.

This kit will make a very good antenna as supplied and with the addition of a reflector it will turn into a powerful antenna that will rival or beat most any commercial antenna you can buy. Without a reflector this makes a great antenna for someone who wants an antenna that will blend into the surroundings.

This kit includes the whisker elements, phase lines, mounting screws, plastic stand-offs, mounting template and instructions.
Just supply the mounting surface of your choice to complete this kit and reflector if needed.
Kit contents

The elements and phase lines are assembled on a jig so everything is uniform and all the connections are brazed together for excellent strength and no worries about corrosion at the element connections. The elements are made from #10 copper clad steel wire and the phase lines are made from #12 copper or copper clad steel for excellent conductivity. I can also make #6 solid copper whisker elements at a slight additional cost.
Whisker phaseline connection

This kit includes whiskers that have a unique loop at the mounting point which gives 360 degrees of contact with the mounting screw so there are no worries of the element coming loose, rotating or needing over sized washers to hold it in place.

 Stand-offs are all plastic and made to minimize signal robbing contact with the receiving elements. There are 2 versions of  stand-offs, style 1 is made with a flat back side so they can be easily mounted to a flat surface and style 2 is notched for easy mounting to a round surface such as standard 1/2" or 3/4" PVC your choice.
Stand-off Feedpoint stand-off

There are currently 3 sizes of the 4 bay kit, size 1 uses 9 1/2" whisker elements and 9" element separation and size 2 has 10" whiskers and 9 1/2" element separation.
Size 3 uses 9" whisker elements and 8 1/2" element separation.
Why 3 sizes?
extensive field testing, computer modeling and builder feedback I've found that these 3 sizes do a good job of covering TV channels 7 - 52 but each size has areas where it works best. The larger 10" version works better on the lower VHF-HI and UHF channels, the 9 1/2" size works better in the mid portion of VHF-HI and UHF and the smaller 9" size works better on the upper VHF-HI channels and upper UHF.

 Although these antennas are mainly UHF antennas they do have some usable gain on VHF-HI ch 7-13 especially when coupled with a 36" wide reflector. The size difference is most noticeable on VHF-HI where their band width is much narrower. My jig is also capable of making custom sizes from 8 1/2" to 10 1/2" if needed.
The ability of the #10 wire elements to be shaped into different configurations and the addition of different reflector elements make this is a very versatile antenna that can be tailored to work with many different reception situations.

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