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Reflector Mount Kit
Only $18.00 plus shipping

Shipping should be less than $10, even less when combined with other kit / parts.
The Reflector mount kit is designed to not only hold the reflector in place but also give a place to mount the 4 bay kit and attach the whole assembly to the mast.
The Kit includes (2) mounting / U-clamp brackets which should be enough to support up to a 40" by 40" reflector and attach the complete antenna to a mast.
Reflector mount kit

How this kit works
The 4 bay back bone is inserted into the socket or peg mount and screen reflector is trapped between the 4 bay socket/peg mount and reflector support, the U-clamp holds the whole assembly to your mast.  
More screws can be used to secure the reflector to the reflector support as needed, (8) self tapping screws and washers are supplied.

Reflector kit

The socket or peg mount can be used to attach the PVC back bone frame to the reflector. The peg mount (Right) fits tightly into a 1/2" PVC fitting and comes in a choice of 2 lengths. Length 1 will give 4" reflector spacing and length 2 will give 5 1/2" spacing but can be cut down to give smaller spacing's. The socket mount (left) can have a piece of 1/2" PVC inserted in the socket and used as the spacer between the back bone frame and reflector mount this could be handy for the DIY'er who wants to experiment with different reflector spacing's.
Socket and Peg style mounts

The reflector support is 24" wide and comes either straight or curved
The mast clamp will accept up to 1 1/2" OD pipe, by using the mast as part of the antenna frame it allows the 4 bay back bone to be made out of 1/2" PVC. The reflector kit  and 4 bay kit with back bone weigh less than 5 pounds without mast and reflector. Depending on your choice of reflector and mast material the whole 4 bay antenna could weigh less than 10 pounds.
reflector mount front

Due to the cost of shipping the large reflector and the many different mast sizes available I'm not supplying those items.
Reflector Screen and Mast NOT included

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