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How to Purchase Kits or parts

The only way to purchase kits or parts is to Contact Me and let me know what you want to purchase and where you are located so I can calculate shipping costs and send you a total. I will also need to know how you want to pay, I can receive payments through Paypal or you can send a money order. After you OK the shipping total I will send a money request for the total to your Paypal email address, or if paying by money order I will email you the payment information.

Shipping typically ranges between $7 and $12 USPS Priority mail for a 4 bay kit and $10 to $17 for an almost complete kit. I'm located in the northeast US so the higher shipping costs are for the west coast and south west US. USPS Standard mail is sometimes 1 - 4 dollars less depending on location. Generally the most savings is for the west coast and south west US but the shipping time goes up as well.

Let me know which USPS shipping service you want when ordering, I always use priority mail unless otherwise specified. Shipping multiple kits in the same box can reduce shipping costs by 30-50% as compared to shipping multiple kits in separate boxes.

I also ship to Canada I have a special kit which can be broken down into a smaller package to help keep shipping costs down. Shipping to Canada using standard mail runs about $14 for a 4 bay kit.

The above mentioned kit can also be shipped in the US to help reduce shipping costs. This Kit doesn't have brazed whisker / phase line connections but instead uses a special stand-off that captures the phase line when the whisker is attached.That kit could also be used to make your own custom size and spacing's. See the price list for buying items individually.

Assistance Selecting Antenna Kit sizes

If you want suggestions on what size or type of antenna may work best for your location please visit or to see what TV channels and possible signal strengths may be in your area. With this info we can try to determine what size antenna will be best for you. Usually it's best to size the antenna for your weakest desired channel.

If you are not sure what you need attach your tvfool or antennaweb plot to your purchase request email along with what stations you want and I can help determine the size.

Remember that antennas mounted indoors will have reduced reception that varies widely depending on the building material of your house or apartment. Many times a smaller antenna mounted outside will out perform any antenna mounted indoors.

If you want my assistance in antenna sizing please let me know how you intend to mount the antenna.